New Testament In a Year

Bible Study, Daily Devotion

Many have sacrificed their resources and lives to spread God’s word. As of today, the Bible is translated into around 700 languages and nearly 4000 languages have some parts of the Bible translated.

One may think all Christians have a passion to hear God’s words and read His scriptures on a regular basis. A recent statistics state that only a few have the habit of reading the Bible daily.

In this busy world it is easy to find a reason as an excuse for not spending few minutes daily to read the Bible. No matter how busy we are, we need to strategize some methods for studying the Bible. This commitment helps us to grow everyday as a follower of Christ.

There are several plans available in print or online to read the Bible in a structured way. Bible study plans come in all shapes and forms that are challenging to adopt for many as one size cannot fit all. Some are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plans that come in topical or chronological arrangements to mention a few.

We need a plan for accountability. Without a plan, we will be all over the place and finally, we will abandon our commitment to read the Bible as per our initial effort to read it.

The Bible reading plan is a delight but not a duty or a religious compulsion. It should not end up a burden but a delightful exploration seeking God in this ongoing scriptural journey.

Reading God’s words on a regular basis is a delightful commitment and it is to discipline, equip, strengthen ourselves as we progress victoriously through spiritual warfare.

Having a plan will allow us to have a journey through the entire Bible rather than forcing us to be in a camping mode in a specific and favorite area of scriptures which we like more than others.

There are many Bible reading plans available to choose from. Make sure you chose or design your own a plan suitable to your situation so that you can be comfortable in reading the entire Bible and understand it with God’s help.

If you fall behind your plan do not be discouraged, remember that you are hearing God’s voice whenever you start reading your Bible.

Have a commitment and disciple this year to start reading your Bible daily. If you need a Bible, please check YouVersion ( for electronic free Bible versions in various languages or for a free print copy please contact a local church in your area.

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