9 January 2024

2024, Daily Devotion

I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth.

📖Zephaniah 3:20(NIV)

Glorify God with your witnessing life.
Let your thoughts and deeds be pleasing to Him.
When you dedicate yourself to the Almighty Lord and live according to His will, you will be freed from your clutches.
He will bless you and honor you and transform you to be a blessing to many.


Almighty Lord,
We thank you for the promise that you will give us honor before all people.
Please help us to glorify you with our witnessing life.
May our thoughts and deeds be pleasing to you, as we live according to your will.
Dear Lord, transform us so that we may be a blessing to many.
In your name we pray,

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