3 April 2024

2024, Daily Devotion

You will eat the fruit of your labor;
blessings and prosperity will be yours. 

📖Psalm 128:2(NIV)

The righteous who trust in the Lord will inherit the goodness.
When you walk in the word of the Lord, everything you do will prosper.
Your sincere faith and honest efforts will confirm your success.
The Lord will fill you with joy and bless you.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for Your word assuring us of prosperity when rooted in faith and righteous action.
Guide me with wisdom to discern Your will, and grant me the integrity to follow it in all that we do.
Fill us with joy and shower us with Your blessings, for You are our source of prosperity.
May our work be a blessing, and may we find purpose in serving Your greater plan.

#DailyDewsofHope #DailyDevotion


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